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Glendo Walleye Fishing

When it comes to Wyoming walleye fishing, Glendo is the premier lake.  The lake offers a diversity of habitat that holds good numbers of walleye - from the river coming in, rocky canyons, weeds, flooded brush and deep water near the dam.  This provides an opportunity to catch fish a variety of ways trolling, casting, live bait and artificals.  Makes for an absolute blast!! Glendo also holds lots of quality fish that can be caught through out the year, but the best time in mid May through June. Planning a trip to Glendo, find the bait and the fish will be nearby.  The walleye normally migrate from the inlet in early in the year and move down the lake as the summer warms up.  Keep an eye on the wind, as fish often stack up where the wind has dirtied up the water.  If you're interest in booking a trip to Glendo reach out to us at 303/829-3998 as dates are filling fast.

Tips to spring fishing success in NE Colorado

As the ice starts to leave our lakes several in northeast Colorado provide some really good fishing opportunites - Boyd and Jackson. Boyd is located just north on Loveland and provides a good spring bite for walleye, white bass and trout.  The two main presentations are slow trolling crankbaits or livebait harnesses .7-2 mph and casting jigs with plastics in the shallows as they start to warm. One over looked presentation is jerkbaits in the evenings for walleyes cruising the shoreline around the spawn. Jackson is located near Orchard and provides good walleye and wiper action in the spring.  When fishing Jackson always pay attention to the inlet as you enter the park - if it is flowing concetrate your effort on the area around the swim beach and inlet.  Fish really congregate in here with the current running.  Pitching jigs or drifting a float and jig or minnow can produce fast action.  If the inlet isn't flowing try trolling the western and northern side of the lake with crankbaits and planer boards looking for schools of active wipers.

Trying using artificals for walleye

Lots of people think of live bait when walleye fishing - and bait can be the best option on occasion, but this year give artificals a try.  One of my favorite ways to catch walleye is casting jigs and plastics or crankbaits. When people talk walleyes aren't agressive they haven't done much casting astificals for them.  Try using a 1/8-1/4 oz. VMC Moon Eye jig head paired with a BioBait twister or swimbait.  Both can be used with a slow steady retrieve - trying to stay within a foot of bottom, or a snap jigging approach. Get ready for some fun!!

Secret to fishing with kids - want to see kids spending more time with a tackle box and less with an Xbox.

Remember when you go to take a kid fishing, it's all about the kid having fun. If that means skipping rocks, catching crayfish, or just playing in the mud - that's what you do.  To get a kid hooked on fishing make it a blast!! I often suggest a special treat on the way home from fishing, nothing better than stopping by DQ after some time fishing.  When planning the trip, pick a place fairly close - limits the "are we there yet?". Take a kid to a place where the bite should be fast and easy , doesnt have to be big fish action is more important.  Stay away from princess or superhero fishing combos - it will save your sanity, buy something of decent quality and it will help you avoid lots of the messes.

Look for the birds

When out fishing for schooling fish like white bass, crappies and largemouth bass - keep your eyes to the sky and look for the birds.  As the summer progresses shad and other baitfish will start to school up and get pressured to the surface by schools of bigger fish.  When you see the birds start swopping down or congregating in a certain area feeding - there is usually a school of bigger fish around.  Sometime the water will even look like its "boiling", when you see this approach quickly and quitely - they cast a topwater lure or something tou can keep high in the water column.  This can be some of the fastest action of the year.

Fluorocarbon leader for heavily pressured pike

When fishing for pike that are recieving lots of pressure, try chaning from a steel leader to heavy fluorocarbon to get more bites.  When I'm talking heavy I start with 15 lb when I'm using a lure that the action could be hindered by stiffer line and the lure isn't too expensive.  With 15 lb you'll reduce your bite offs by more that 80% and more than double your strikes. When I fishing a heavier or more expensive lure I'll go all the way up to to 60 lb with 25-40 lb being my sweet spot to get more bites, keep the action and really reduce bite offs.  Usually I tie on a 15-24" piece at the end of my main line.  My prefered fluoro in Sufix Invisiline Leader - seems to be super abrasion resistent. Always check your line after every strike - if you feel a knick - RETIE.

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